Tips for Buying Jewelry

23 Aug

Although buying jewelry can be daunting, learning the following tips will greatly help you when planning to buy jewelry. Avoid going for prestigious names if you have never bought similar jewelry before. Stores with prestigious names selling jewelry may claim to sell pure metal jewelry yet in real case the jewelry might be a mixture of other metals. Avoid paying more for jewelry which you cannot be sure if the jewelry is original and of the quality being claimed to be. Consider other stores to buy jewelry and don't rely on buying only from stores with fancy prestigious names.

Ensure the metal jewelry you are buying if it's new from a store is not scratched. A new jewelry should be bright, textured, mettle such that it does not show signs or having been damaged.  If you are buying precious stones as gems then you should check to see if the gem is loose since this means the gem is not secure for mounting and can fall at any time. Check for any damages whereby you can do this by viewing the piece through a SuperJeweler loupe and look for chips and abraded facets. If you are not skilled in checking for damage in jewelry then you should seek assistance from a friend who has the skill in determining quality jewelry.

Also, you should consider looking for a makers mark on the jewelry to identify if the piece is an original. Usually on some jewelry, the designers put marks to differentiate from fake pieces thus you should try to identify such marks that show the jewelry is a quality piece to buy. Ensure you research first for marks to identify that distinguish an original jewelry from a fake one. This signs may include, marks such as symbols or paintings being signed by the artist who designed the jewelry. Discover more about this article.

Finally, you should read and understand the return policy so that you can be aware of the factors that will lead you to be compensated when you return back the jewelry. Consider buying your jewelry from a store that offers annual cleaning and will go an extra mile of checking for loose or damage gems. If you are purchasing a very expensive piece of jewelry then you should get an appraisal for insurance purposes.  To ensure a piece of mind even when you happen to lose your precious stone you should get an appraisal that indicates the actual price value of the piece for insurance purposes.

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